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No problem even in Rain, Wind, and Sweat.


Super Million Hair must be used together with Super Million Hair Mist. It stays in place even in sudden Rain, wind, and sweat. It keeps your natural hairstyle for hours.

Super Million Hair Mist is a hard type of styling gel. It adheres to your own hair well compared with professional brands of styling product. We have succeeded in masterfully crafting a styling product that keeps your hair in place. Super Million Hair Mist is neither too strong or stiff, nor too weak causing hair fibers to lose their place and fall off.

Super Million Hair Mist contains an ingredient that protects your hair from problems such as scurfy and rash. Super Million Hair Mist promotes hair growth, as well as moisturizes your skin and protects it from ultra violet rays. Super Million Hair stays in place during strong wind and heavy rain.

Super Million Hair: Endurance Test

Please take a look at our movies to see Super Million Hair stay in place in rain, wind, and sweat.

Proof against Wind.

Proof against Water.

Proof against Sweat.

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